Pediatric Oral Hygiene

Pediatric Oral Health Services in Houston, TX

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It’s important that parents begin a pediatric oral hygiene routine with their babies at an early age. An oral health routine should start from the birth of your baby and evolve with them as they grow into adolescent and adulthood.

Here are some tips towards developing the proper oral hygiene habits and routine for your baby/child. After feedings it’s recommended that you gently clean their hums with a soft infant toothbrush or a soft cloth and water. Once teeth begin to erupt and show then you can begin to brush their teeth twice a day using a fluoridated toothpaste along with the proper and age appropriate toothbrush.Also, avoid baby bottle cavities by never using a bottle as a pacifier and if you must give your baby a bottle at bedtime/nap-time it should contain plain water.

By the age of three all twenty of your child’s teeth should be present.  At this time you should already have an established oral hygiene routine that your child is comfortable with. Additionally healthy eating habits can reduce the risk of your child developing cavities and this will ultimately lead to healthy teeth.

At Pinnacle Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Shaw’s team strives to inform both parents and their children on the most effective oral hygiene techniques. To schedule an appointment or learn more about pediatric oral hygiene, contact our Houston, Texas dentist office today!

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